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“The body and mind have a profound natural ability to heal when in a state of total relaxation.
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What Makes Poulsbo Massage Unique

  • A welcoming and professional environment
  • Client-centered treatment
  • Eco-friendly
  • Clean, paraben-free lotion or oil
  • Heated table
  • Aromatherapy upon request
  • Regular, steady hours

What Makes Our Massage Therapists Unique

  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication to providing each client with individualized treatment to meet their wants and needs

Poulsbo Massage Services

Massage is the perfect solution to many common problems and is a wonderful aid to increase relaxation and to decrease stress. See our most popular massage packages below. To view a list of all our services and prices, click on the following link for Poulsbo Massage Services.

Poulsbo Massage Discount Packages

For those committed to a self care plan the discount package is for you. Our clients have found that the benefits of massage are compounded when received on a regular basis. A discount package allows you to take part in a regularly scheduled self care program while also saving you money.

We incorporate Swedish, deep tissue and many other modalities that we have learned over the years. The style and pressure of massage will be based on what is most appropriate for your wants and needs. 

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